Over the years we have carried out a substantial amount of rent reviews for clients.

We have a database of every properties that becomes available in London and consequently, have records of a substantial amount of property transactions that are carried out at any time, thereby providing evidence of suitable properties in any given area. The important thing to bear in mind is not what you can afford but what is the correct rental value for your property, with particular amenities and how the level of service charge and rates and type of lease affect the property.

Where necessary we make representations for submission to an arbitrator or expert. However, this is a situation we try to avoid as we believe in communication and aim for the rent review to be agreed without recourse to this avenue, unless the other party remains intransigent or there are legal matters to be settled.

Please see some of our transactions.

Lease Renewals/Rent Reviews

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With over 40 years experience in providing expert advice in the acquisition, disposal, rent reviews, lease renewals & dilapidation issues of office suites/buildings and in London.


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